How to add Products

Login to your seller account, head over to the product section in the menu and click on “add new”.

select your product type, there are 4 options simple, variable, grouped, and an external affiliate, you can only choose between simple and variable products.

  • simple product – simple product no variation of the product such as size and color
  • variable product– variable products have attributes and variation of the same product which customer can choose according to their prefrance
    for example – black,white shoes, size 7-10,

Simple product; give a product title(product name) fill in the details asked on the page. and upload product images.

leave the category unchanged

type in the product short and description (you can use short description to tell about to coupon you create) type a detailed description of your product in the description section.

enter tags(keywords), tags are used for search when a customer search for a product on-site products show in result for with relevant tags and title.

Variable product – enter the title, short description, long description, and other details.

head over to the attributes section and click on add.

make sure to enable it and fill in the required details as shown in the image. create another attribute for size.

head on to the variations section and click on Variations Bulk Options > create variations from all attributes.

you can check various other useful options in the Variations Bulk Option.

all variations will be created automatically.

select the blue icon to toggle to fill in variation details.

fill the details as shown in the example,
click on shipping enter all the details and choose the processing time for the product

you can use the linked option to upsell and cross-sell your products.

after successfully entering all the details, click on submit for review ( after reviewing the product and making corrections product will be live on Inbrisk within 24 hours).

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