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How to add Products On Gralor Dashboard

How To Add Products On Gralor How to upload products to your seller dashboard  Greetings seller, Let’s learn how to upload products from your seller dashboard, head over to the Products tab from the dashboard menu and click on “Add New” from the top right,   The product page will open,  Now select your Product […]

Bulk Upload Products Using CSV File

Howdy! sellers Let’s learn how to upload bulk products using a CSV File. Head over to your seller dashboard > Products > Click on Import Icon. Import Window will pop, here select your CSV file that contains data about your products. Click Continue. In this section Map all the fields with their respective correct data. […]

India Wholesale

India wholesale – gralor an Indian Wholesale retail marketplace India wholesale in this paragraph, Gralor: An International Market-place For Indian Wholesalers and Retailers Shoppers in the United States and around the world usually shop on popular international E-commerce websites like Amazon and Alibaba, However what if you want to buy items that are more specific […]

Setup Shipping

head to the setting > shipping. to set up your shipping setting there are 2 ways to set up shipping for your store shipping by country And zone. shipping by zone – we have two shipping zones domestic and international to add domestic shipping price click on the add shipping method select flat rate or […]