The Science of "make local sell global".

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Our Vision

Good from India " local for global"

Gralor is an Indian company with the mission to become a premier e-commerce platform for goods from India. We provide a wholesale & retail e-commerce platform for Indian sellers, helping them reach buyers worldwide. To empower sellers to reach buyers worldwide

Our Mission

Sell Global

provide a platform for Indian sellers to participate in the booming global e-commerce market, and sell to customers not just locally but globally.

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Introducing Gralor

Gralor was founded in 2022. We are developing India’s first and largest international e-commerce platform for sellers from India to reach buyers worldwide. We at Gralor help Indian sellers reach buyers worldwide. 

We provide them with a personalized store and marketplace – where they have access to millions of customers in the international market. Gralor is the go-to place for people who love exploring products from India, while still supporting small-preneurs within India.

Gralor is built to address challenges faced by small-time local manufacturers that often resort to selling their products through unauthorized channels and lack visibility on the international market,
 which results in the underdevelopment of sourcing and sales departments in many developing countries. What differentiates us is our innovative marketing platform. We are a disruptive e-commerce platform,

which has revolutionized the experience of Indian sellers to the world.
With Gralor, you can set up your store very easily in minutes and connect with our partners in India and international shipping companies to deliver globally. Gralor was founded by Vipul Shrivastava in 2022.

The vision of ‘Gralor’ was established by people like you – those entrepreneurs with great ideas but lack the resources or logistics knowledge required to see it off.
We created this platform for all Indians who want to monetize indigenous ingenuity in simple yet innovative ways.

Gralor has helped thousands of small business owners significantly expand their customer base and exponentially increase their sales. 

If you’re interested in importing goods from India then Gralor is the go-to place for customers who are looking for quality Indian goods on the international market.

Our Leadership

James Bosman

Founder & CEO

Lisa Hernandez

Co-Founder & Chairman

Daniel Robertson

Co-Founder & Board Member
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